The Thanksgiving Hike to Hook Mountain was an incredibly unique and amazing experience. I have been practicing sitting / indoor meditation for some years now but I was still left in awe of the exercises Lin walked us through as they helped me more profoundly appreciate nature and non-human life around me.

– A participant from Thanksgiving Hike to Hook Mountain, November 2021

“Lin has a deep appreciation for nature and the ways in which this can enhance one’s mindfulness practice, peace of mind, and connection with self. She provides just the right amount of guidance and insight to support individuals in navigating transition and uncertainty with resilience and ease.”

– Elizabeth, Fall Foliage Hike to Hook Mountain, September 2020

“It would seem that nature-based meditation and technology would not be very compatible, however, Lin Gordon’s creative and organized approach to a socially distanced virtual meditation program was fantastic. All instructions for the day were communicated clearly well in advance. The program started and ended with the group meeting on Zoom at home where Lin was able to easily connect with us all on a personal level even though we were virtual. After driving to my chosen park to commune with nature, I connected once again with Lin through Zoom phone calls at various times throughout the day. During these calls I received enriching nature teachings and instructions for nature-based meditation practices that I then completed on my own. The day followed a clear structure and the practices such as tree meditation and square footage truly helped me to deepen my meditation practice and connect with nature.”

– A participant from a hybrid Zoom/Outdoor daylong program, Cultivating Resilience and Wisdom through Nature-Based Practices, August, 2020

“I was looking for an interesting meditation event. I found the event arranged by Lin in Central Park. It was such a beautiful experience. I have been meditating for a few years.  I thought I know a little bit about meditation, but I realized I know so very little about the different ways to meditate and experience and feel. We did some amazing practices which really made me present and allowed me to experience things in new ways. The whole program was spectacular with the unique practices combined with reading so many poems which helped evoke the experience.   

After attending the Central Park meditation I saw the day hike to Lake Awosting.  As someone who can get anxious, all anxiety and tension released as I walked through the beautiful surroundings guided in special ways of seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing.

Lin’s depth of experience and the way she present everything allows for very special things to happen. She brought with her another senior meditation teacher who was also amazing. Lin combines her own years of deep practice with a thoughtful and inspiring guidance. It comes across as very simple because she has gone very deep and share that experience with others.” – Jonathan P., 2018

“I recently had the pleasure to participate in a meditative hike to Hook Mountain guided by Lin Gordon.  It was my first meditative hike.  Importantly, a meditative hike does not just combine hiking and meditation – instead it creates an entirely different experience altogether.  At carefully chosen points, Lin also shared with us select thought provoking poems and essays, deepening our experience.  Lin’s careful planning and skillful tailoring of the hike created an experience which heightened our awareness and enhanced our ability to connect with nature and each other in a meaningful way.  This entire hike was a wonderful and included some insightful moments for me.  I can recommend Lin Gordon and “Being In The Wild” without hesitation.” – Kerri U, 2019

The Being in the Wild nature-based silent retreat was an incredible experience that inspired, rejuvenated, and awakened spirit and senses. Organized yet open, the format brought both structure and ease. A wonderful introduction for those new to nature-based meditation and an opportunity to deepen your practice for those with a nature-based meditation practice. I can’t wait to sign up again!

– From a weekend retreat at Eastover, 2018

This retreat was life changing. It opened me up to so much, for my own personal healing, and also to a deeper understanding of the land, our ancestors, and how we are so interconnected. Lin and Lee are so welcoming, so honest, and such authentic teachers.

– From a a weekend retreat at Eastover, 2018

“Anyone practicing dharma, mindfulness and presence in any location is wonderful to share with sangha fellows. Connecting in nature is natural. Discussing and sharing is lovely.  The beauty of the dharma and the sangha makes the triple gem come alive even more so out in a natural setting like the park, the ocean, the mountains, the desert, connecting with our mother earth.” A participant from a Central Park event, 2017

“This meditation turned out to be on an unexpectedly cold day…but Lin incorporated the weather challenge well into the program for the group of about ten.  Each exercise we did was well thought out, clearly presented, well guided, and beautiful.  I cannot imagine a more well facilitated program, and Lin was able to work it for both experienced meditators and a few who were there for the first time.” A participant from a Fort Tryon Park event, 2018