2020, Daylongs

Sun., 8/23/2020: Cultivating Wisdom and Resilience Through Nature-Based Mindfulness Practice (Online and Outdoors)

As we go through an intense year of pandemic and social transformation, how do we access our inner resources regardless of external circumstances? Whether it is through a tree or sky meditation, listening to sounds of the birds or walking on grass barefoot, we can learn from the intelligence and wisdom from our natural environment, and reconnect and renew our body and spirit.

Through this day you’ll be guided through nature meditation practices that connect to your senses and explore your internal and external experiences intimately. You can do these nature practices on your rooftop, porch, backyard, stupa, a neighborhood garden or park, anywhere that you can meditate outdoors. You don’t need to seek the most beautiful place to meditate – it is more important that it’s a place that you can easily access and that it can be in your routine so you can develop a regular nature-based practice on your own if you wish. We’ll also explore an indoor nature practice at the end of the day.

Date: Sunday, August 23, 2020

Time: 9:30am-4:45pm

Tentative Schedule:

  • 9:30am Zoom Video: Introduction to Nature Meditation and Group Meeting
  • 10:00am Walk or drive to your place in nature for the day
  • 10:30am Zoom Phone: Nature meditation instruction
  • 11:00am Break
  • 11:15am Zoom Phone: Nature meditation instruction
  • 12:00pm Sitting and walking in nature practice on your own, lunch, rest (Zoom off)
  • 1:30pm Zoom Phone: Nature meditation instructions
  • 2:00pm Break
  • 2:15pm Zoom Phone: Nature meditation instructions
  • 3:00pm Walk or drive home
  • 3:30pm Zoom Phone: Nature meditation instructions (Indoor)
  • 4:00pm Zoom Video: Small groups discussion and large group sharing
  • 4:45pm Program ends

What to wear and bring:

  • Wear a mask and maintain social distancing in public.
  • Lunch: Prepare a brown bag lunch to bring to your place of nature practice.
  • Bring rain gears (hat, rain jacket, umbrella, etc.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent

Share your info with an emergency contact so someone knows where you would be and know how to look for you in case of emergency.