Sacred Earth Sangha

Sacred Earth Sangha: Talks and Guided Meditation

Sacred Earth Sangha at New York Insight Meditation Center

Meets 2nd Monday evening of every month

Currently, our world is a hot mess both ecologically and politically. We can react to our planetary crisis with fear and aversion playing out the same old patterns of separation and domination (right and wrong, us vs them, rational solutions for unfathomably complex problems). Or we can respond with intimacy and imagination, exploring with compassion and wisdom new ways of being. Join New York Insight’s Sacred Earth Sangha (SES) in 2020 as we explore what it means to meet our current reality with kindness and clarity, compassion and wisdom. We will make space for individual and collective grief and joy — becoming intimate with our experiences. We will also explore the imaginal — looking at the innovative and beautiful responses of humans and non-humans to our global challenges.

Here are the recordings from the past meetings:

9/14/2020Discuss “Climate: A New Story” with Charles EisensteinSebene Selassie, Lin Gordon, Jon Aaron
3/9/2020Eightfold Path: Wise Speech – Part I (coming soon)Lin Gordon, Jon Aaron
2/20/2020Eightfold Path: Wise Intention – Dharma TalkLin Gordon, Jon Aaron
1/13/2020Eightfold Path: Wise View – Dharma Talk

Eightfold Path: Wise View – Guided Meditation

Wise View – Group Reflection
Sebene Selassie, Lin Gordon
12/9/2019Four Elements: Air/Wind (Coming Soon)Lin Gordon, Jon Aaron
11/11/2019Four Elements: Fire – Dharma Talk

Guide Meditation: Fire Element
Sebene Selassie, Jon Aaron, and Lin Gordon
10/14/2019Four Elements: Water

Guided Meditation: Water Element
Sebene Selassie