2021, Ecodharma, Sacred Earth Sangha

Sacred Earth Sangha: Honoring the Asian Lineage – Mon. 4/12

Date: Monday, 4/12/2021

Time: 7-9pm ET

The NYI Sacred Earth Sangha is a community formed around deep practice and conscious engagement of the challenges of the climate crisis.

The Sacred Earth Sangha is dedicated to meeting our current global challenges by cultivating a sacred relationship to Earth and all her beings – to honoring life. What does it mean to honor? Since its beginning, every session of SES has begun with three honorings – honoring native land, honoring Asian lineages, & honoring ancestors. For our next few meetings, we will be exploring these three honorings and relating them to our commitment to honoring the earth.

In April, we begin with honoring of Asian lineages. In the face of continuing violence towards AAPI people, we will explore the often extractive ways western convert Buddhism has approached Asian dharma practices and how, instead, we can cultivate a wise relationship to lineage and community – one that honors the Asian heritage of these teachings and the lands from which they come.

All are welcome. No previous meditation experience is required.

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