2021, Ecodharma, Sacred Earth Sangha

Sacred Earth Sangha in Central Park – Honoring the Land – Sat. 5/8

Date: Saturday, 5/8/2021

Time: 2-5pm EST

Location: Meet at 1:45pm at 100th St., Central Park West

Since its beginning, every session of SES has begun with three honorings – honoring native land, honoring Asian lineages, & honoring ancestors. In April, May and June, we are exploring these three honorings and relating them to our commitment to honoring the earth.

In April, we explored honoring the Asian lineages of our practice. For May, we will have a special gathering in Central Park to explore Honoring Native Land.

What does it mean to honor native land in a city rampant with the destruction and desecration of nature? How do we heed the call of indigenous communities that proclaim that land acknowledgements are not enough? How do we forge a connection to earth that goes beyond ideas of property and ownership to ones of relationship and stewardship?

Join us as we use embodied and relational practices to explore these questions and more.

“Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality.”
— Malcom X

For planning and health purposes, please register in advance as we need you to fill out your travel history and a health declaration form in advance, and manage a potential waitlist.

Note on travel: If you have travelled outside the countries or states where you are required to quarantine for 14 days after your return, and you have not completed this quarantine period by the day of the event, please abstain from attending the event. This will help lower the risk of exposure of COVID-19 to the community.

We look forward to exploring our inner and outer world together with you in nature.

Location: Meet at 1:45 pm at Central Park (100th St. and Central Park West)

We will remain 6 feet apart in gathering and will wear masks. To prevent in-person transmission, bandanas and loose face covering are not accepted as masks.

Please cancel and request a refund if you have any symptoms listed by the CDC as COVID symptoms. At the event you will be requested to sign a health declaration form and a waiver.

Maximum participants: 20 people

Please bring:
-Your favorite snacks
-Sitting prop if needed (bench, yoga mat, etc.)

Fee by donation: Suggested starting donation is $15

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