2023, Course

2023 5-Month Course: Soulcentric Midlife (In-Person, 2/25 – 6/3)

Are you in your 40s and 50s and thinking about the second half of your life? Every life stage brings its own gifts.  Each life stage has its own purpose in our development as a whole being.  If our life were the four seasons, 40s/50s could be the early fall.  In every season of our life, there are changes and growth.  Midlife could bring us menopause, greying hair, childcare, eldercare, an empty nest, loss of loved ones, second career, but we also have more life experiences than we had in our young adult years.  While our culture likes to associate this time in our life with turmoil and crisis, it could also be a great time for inner growth, clarity, and purpose.  

We will explore many areas of our lives – health, career, money, family, relationship, kids/no kids – what are the gifts of this lifestage? How do we feel about each of these areas in our life at this point?  How do we make peace with the life we have led so far? How do we live a fulfilling life with the time we have left?  As we have learned from our life experiences so far, have we started to live in accordance to our inner values and deepest desires? What rituals you may start on your own?  This class is for exploring questions rather than having answers.  It is loosely influenced by Bill Plotkin’s book “Nature and the Human Soul” and other sources.

This is 5-month in-person course and will meet monthly on a Saturday afternoon.  We will meditate, journal, form buddy groups, and build community through sharing and dialogues. 

The meeting dates of the course are:

Sat. 2/25/2023 – 2pm – 5pm

Sat. 3/11/2023 – 2pm – 5pm

Sat. 4/8/2023 – 2pm – 5pm

Sat. 5/20/2023 – 2pm – 5pm

Sat. 6/3/2023 – 2pm – 5pm

The course will be offered through New York Insight Meditation Center.