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5/22/2021: Awake in the Wild: Daily Nature Meditation Series

Building Momentum through Daily Practice An Online Practice Community My teacher Mark Coleman and my colleagues who graduated from Mark’s Awake in the Wild Nature Meditation Teacher training are offering a daily nature meditation series. Mark will be teaching Mondays through Fridays, and my colleagues will be teaching on weekends. Join our Awake in the Wild community to start your day with mindful awareness. These 45-minutes online daily meditations will be a support for all who like to be in nature and feel the support of meditation in community with the support of the natural world. I will be teaching on 5/22 at 10:30am EST. Find out about the schedule and more. Register through Photo by: Jordan Wozniak Recordings: 1/23/2021: Amanda Gorman’s Poems and Faith 11/6/2020 Belonging to a Larger Presence